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Hiring Policies

Temp, Temp-to-Hire & Direct Hire Policies

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  • Fast Placement
  • Skill Matching
  • Interviews
  • Try Before You Hire

We can provide any and all types of office and professional staff, no limitations.
We will recruit and interview for all professions.

    We can fill general office positions in as little as 24 hours including “urgent” temporary needs in as little as two hours. Special requirements, i.e. certain backgrounds and skills, may take longer.
    We appreciate as much information as possible about what an employee will be doing and what skills are required. This enables us to find the best individual for your position.
    We can send someone that we believe is best or you can select from a review of resumes. However if you desire to interview we request that all referred applicants, who have the stated qualifications, are met and interviewed. All of our referrals have been interviewed, tested and pre-screened for your position.

Once The Employee Is Working

    Once we have someone on assignment we follow up with you on their performance the first day, end of the first week and then weekly with your permission. It is important that we warn our employees of tardiness, attendance, and performance problems. After 30 days follow ups are performed intermittently. However you may replace any employee at any time, for any reason.
    Our 520 hour (13 40-hour weeks) temp-to-hire agreement is predicated on our selecting the best temp-to-hire candidate for you. After completion of the agreement our employee can be hired without further obligation or fee to IMAGE SERVICES.
    Direct hire fees are salary-based percentages. Placements are guaranteed for 90 days in that we will replace that employee with someone at the same annual salary with no further fee due.

Employee Pay Information

    We suggest a pay rate during the temp-to-hire process that is less than the pay upon hire as a permanent employee. This helps the company pay a lower bill rate and provides the employee an increase when transferred to permanent status. (There are a few companies that prefer we pay the same rate as they will pay upon hire.)
    Since the bill rate is based on what we pay the employee, it is helpful for us to know the salary or a salary range which will be paid upon hire. This way we keep the temp pay within your company’s pay scale. We work with you to ensure your satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide you the highest quality individual at a competitive price while providing you with excellent service. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you in the near future.

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