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Flexible Staffing & Payrolling

The Right People, Only When You Need Them

Increase Staff As Needed Without Worrying About Adding To Your Permanent Payroll Costs

Use Flexible Staffing when you are uncertain if/or when you should hire new staff i.e., there is an upturn in business, but will it last? You have a position which is prone to a high rate of turnover. In these cases, you can request a special rate after the 13 week period and keep the temp working.

Use Payrolling when you have people you’d like to hire but uncertain as to how long you can keep them. You are uncertain as to whether or not they are a good fit and/or can do the job.

The People You Need, When You Need Them

Flexible Staffing

Flexible staffing allows you to increase staff only when necessary, without worrying about adding to your permanent payroll costs. You don’t have to recruit, screen resumes and interview. We do all that in addition to testing and referring to you only those applicants who meet your preset qualifications. You can interview the prospects that we have selected for you.

Flexible staffing provides you one expense that does not affect your payroll taxes, liability and workers comp insurance, or health insurance until you are certain that someone is going to be an asset to your company and that you can afford to bring them on full-time. You don’t have to worry about unemployment claims because of a layoff or if they are not a good fit. You pay only for hours worked.

Control Your Staffing Budget


Payrolling allows you the same benefits as flexible staffing. By putting YOUR potential employees on our payroll you have the opportunity to try them out without making a commitment to them or going to the expense of adding them to your payroll, taxes, insurance, and benefits.

YOUR employee payrolled with IMAGE SERVICES can be converted to your payroll at any time. There is no obligation to IMAGE for any amount of time or money. That’s right – no obligation.

When you payroll employees with us, they are our temporary employees working at your site. They have to follow our policies and procedures as well as yours. We maintain a proper employer-employee relationship so that you don’t have to deal with warnings and dismissal. We do all that with your advice.

Employees payrolled with us will receive the same benefits as other IMAGE SERVICES employees, they can earn holiday pay after working 1,000 hours and vacation after working 1,500 hours.

All of our employees are immediately offered Aflac Insurance coverage!

Ready To Take Advantage Of Flexible Staffing & Payrolling?