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Jobs in Chesapeake, VA

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New employment positions open up every day. Send us your resume so we can match you to positions that require your expertise.

At Image Services Staffing, we want to pair applicants with the temp work that best fits their skill sets and personal needs. Be sure to send us your resume so we can find jobs in Chesapeake, Va that you are searching for!

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Don’t forget to send us your resume and make frequent checks of our job postings for the Chesapeake area. New job postings are updated daily and Image Services Staffing can help you find the employment opportunity that’s right for you. We are applicant-focused and boast an expansive online job portal that gives you up-to-date listings of jobs in Chesapeake, VA as well as in other nearby major metropolitan areas.

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See All Employment Positions Available. You can also view our open contract positionscontract-to-hire, and direct-hire job openings in Chesapeake and surrounding areas.

  • Pipefitter
  • Database Analyst
  • Planner/Scheduler
  • Warehouse Coordinator
  • Warehouse Worker

Staffing Agencies In Chesapeake Are Common. What We Do Is Not.

We work to match you with the perfect employer. We have 19 years of experience finding jobs for candidates in Chesapeake, Virginia and beyond. Chesapeake is known for tremendous growth in residential population while boasting some of the area’s largest business, shopping and industrial parks.

Update your resume to include all your skills and knowledge — then send it in today! We’re standing by to help you land the job that you’ve been looking for.

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About The City of Chesapeake

As a bustling business hub, jobs in Chesapeake, VA are both plentiful and in great demand. However, it takes partnering with Image Services Staffing to help you find the one job that’s just right for you. Located on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and one of the cities in the Hampton Roads area, Chesapeake is the second-largest city by land area in Virginia and the 17th-largest in the United States. In 2011, Chesapeake was named the 21st-best city in America by Blomberg Businessweek. The city is also the international headquarters of the Dollar Tree chain.

jobs in chesapeake va

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