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Is This Right For Me?

Why Work Temp or

Working for a staffing company is an excellent way to find a full time job or manage your short-term need to work.

Virginia Beach Temp to Hire Staffing Agency


We offer our services with no fee to our employees. We match candidates with assignments that fit within their skill range, and we inform the applicants of assignment length, full-time potential, the type of work, duties, hours, pay, location, attire, and other available information of the positions we are offering. You are free to accept or decline positions based on their applicability to your requirements.

Use Your Skills

Before you make the commitment to accept full-time employment, working temp or temp-to-hire gives you the ability to find the best job for you. Our skill assessment allows you to see your strengths and weaknesses, and you may even discover your passion for a certain type of work during your time as a temp. Our only request is that our applicants and employees respect our clients and do not accept positions which really don’t suit them. We do our very best to match applicant and company desires.

Temp Flexibility

You chose whether you want to work on short or long temporary assignments or a temp-to-hire position. Assignments vary in length from a day to several days, a week to several weeks, or even months. You tell us what you want to do, how much you want to make, and what city you want to work in. We do our best to make that happen!

Temp-to-Hire Opportunities

Temp-to-hire positions typically require a 13-week obligation from the company before they can hire a temp. During this time period, the company will assess the individual’s work ethic including performance, attendance, and the individual’s overall suitability for that company. At the end of the 13-week period, most companies offer a competitive salary to bring our employees on board as their own.

Direct Hire Opportunities

The hiring company pays a fee to IMAGE SERVICES Staffing for locating a permanent employee which they interview and if desired, hire and add the employee to their payroll immediately.

Available Opportunities

We update our open job positions daily.
Take a moment to review our current open positions and our frequently repeating jobs.

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