Selection Process

We have a wide variety of individuals registered with us whose excellent skills and experience can fill virtually any administrative, accounting or IT position. Tell us your organization’s special requirements and we will create the parameters in which these skilled individuals must fit.

I. We test applicants on beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and PowerPoint as well as typing and data entry.

As specified by a company’s or position’s requirement we can test applicants on any version of QuickBooks, Publisher, and Adobe Suite as well as various bookkeeping and accounting tests.

With over 1500 tests available to us, we can provide additional testing in virtually any skill or application. Tests can also be customized. In essence, your wish is our command: whatever it is that you need – just let us know and we can test for it.

II. IMAGE matches candidates to the job on 8 important issues:

  1. Availability
  2. Educational Requirements
  3. Experience
  4. Hours
  5. Longevity
  6. Salary
  7. Skills
  8. Travel Time

IMAGE is focused on a balanced view of the candidate against the reality of the job. We compare each candidate on all issues before sending you their resumes for the interview. It is our intention for you to interview each candidate. We count on your confidence in us that they are each viable candidates.

We have contacted each candidate, ensured their availability and sincere interest in your position. They have already been pre-screened and tested in MS Office. These applicants have been selected using the criteria listed above. The applicant knows everything that you have told us about the position -the job description, the location, the salary, and everything we know about your company.

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